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Top trends in decks and fences
Outdoor living continues to boom, in part due to the pandemic and homeowners spending more time at home than ever before. The demand for new or updated decks and fences is not expected to slow down anytime soon.

Here are 3 decking trends for 2021 to help you prepare for the busy season:
1. High-quality composites at lower price points.
Many homeowners want to upgrade from wood to low-maintenance composite decking. The technology of composite decking continues to evolve. For example, one of the biggest complaints of composite decking was that it gets too hot. There are now options available that reduce heat in the material with cooling technology.

2. Creative deck designs – There are no rules in creating the perfect deck, and there's a vast variety of layouts and materials you can use. Multi-level decks are popular, as are decks with unique tiles instead of wood. Wide planks in decking and multi-colour planks are on-trend. Many decks use similar colours and materials as those in the house to complement the outdoor living spaces.

3. Deck railings – A good rule of thumb is to match the railing with the home's aesthetic. Sleek railing designs are trending in a variety of materials like aluminum and cable railings. There are a variety of pre-assembled railings to make installing them quick and easy.

What's new in fencing?
A fence isn't just a fence anymore. It can make a big impact in an outdoor living space. Wood and vinyl fences continue to be popular with homeowners.

Here are a few new trends that go beyond a simple picket fence:
• Multi-functional fence – This is a modern design that incorporates unique lighting, plants, and metal materials into the fence itself.

• Art deco style – As the trend continues to take interior design outdoors, custom metal fence and gate designs will grow in popularity.

• Privacy panels - As homeowners spend more time at home, they are looking for a way to create privacy from their neighbours. Some non-traditional privacy solutions include fence panels, large planters with privacy screens and living walls.


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