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Products that can save you time and money

Keep your business profitable by saving time and money on your construction projects by using effective and easy to install building products. The right products can help you finish a job on time and start your next one as scheduled, avoiding delays resulting in extra labour and material costs and unhappy clients.

Here are some products that will keep your projects running on time and on budget:

1. Concrete treatment products – Moisture Sealers
Many flooring contractors already know that curing concrete substrates can be a time killer. By selecting penetrating concrete sealing treatments with short curing times you can stay ahead of schedule. Some products cure within six hours, allowing the flooring to be laid much sooner than with other sealers. Bonedry products is one example of a supplier offering this type of sealant.

2. Drywall Compounds
Drywall compounds are available that feature a reduced airborne dust formula, and when sanded, dust clumps fall directly to the floor, reducing airborne dust and making clean-up easier. These products come in general-purpose formulas for filling, repairing and finishing drywall joints, trims and fasteners. The compounds can reduce airborne dust by 70% when compared to sanding standard compounds. One of the manufactures that offers this product is Certainteed's Easi-Fil Dust Away compound.

3. Flooring solutions against swelling
Innovative flooring solutions are available that can be effective against edge swell and increase productivity by eliminating the need to sand joints. For example, Durastrand pointSIX® is a premium T&G sub-floor that is engineered for strength, durability and overall performance. Proven in the Pacific Northwest, Durastrand pointSIX features a patented taper on the 4-foot and 8-foot edges that is designed to be effective against edge swell. If the floor is exposed to rain and or humidity, the tapered edges can expand to become flush with the surface without ridging. The result – floors go down flat and stay that way.

4. Shingles
Today, there are numerous manufacturers who produce easier to install shingles. IKO offers Dynasty shingles, which feature a special 1-1/4? reinforcing tape that not only guides installers to accurate nail placement, it also ensures incredible fastening power. These types of roofing shingles effectively resist nail pull-through even at high wind speeds. Shingles can be fastened with only four nails instead of six, saving even more time on installation.


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