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What's your reputation when it comes to service?

Your business is built on your reputation and clients will refer you to others if they've had a positive experience or they can just as quickly spread the word about their dissatisfaction tarnishing your brand in the community. Unfortunately, one mistake can undo thousands of hours of hard work. Money and time are critical factors in most businesses, but this is especially true in our industry. It's important to manage projects and deliver materials on time to keep your promises to your clients, but this can be a challenge for several reasons. 

Here are some tips around project management to help you with delivery times, customer expectations and to save money while building a favourable reputation:

  1.       Keeping your promise to delivering on time

- Make sure you consider supply constraints/shortages and other factors that could create time delays. This will help            you to schedule other trade workers in a timely fashion. Often projects can hit one roadblock, which causes a                    snowball effect on the entire project.

- Under promise and over deliver – Be realistic in the time frame you promise something will be completed by. Clients will    appreciate your honesty, and you won't have to apologize for delays later.

- Buying building materials closer to home reduces travel time and can save you money on freight costs.

- Managing your order cycle – Just in time inventory saves you from trying to store extra materials and some suppliers will    go the extra mile and deliver right to your site.


  1.       Mobile apps can help you stay on top of project management

There are some good mobile apps out there like BuilderTrend that lets you organize the management of sales leads, bid requests, estimates, and proposals, with CRM (customer relationship management) functions, including automatic email marketing. They can also help with project management tasks like to-do lists, daily site logs, punch lists, plan markups, warranty, document and photo management, and messaging. These apps usually have some kind of customer account management and financial tools to make your life easier.

It's vital that your company has a good reputation and that you're aware of what your clients are saying about you. A poor reputation may result in your company losing projects, even when your price is the lowest. Keep in mind that a good reputation often attracts good employees.



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