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Start your spring and summer bookings!

Whether your client is looking for an upgrade or a large-scale renovation, now's the time to start making plans and ordering materials.

Give your exterior an authentic upgrade with CanWel

Are your clients thinking about a cottage upgrade? CanWel has some great exterior finishing ideas to help them maintain a natural, traditional look, while improving durability.

CanWel's Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding

  •          Warm and natural look of wood made from manufactured pine
  •          Easy to install and easy to maintain
  •          Naturally dent resistant

CanWel's Chalet Plywood siding is a durable choice:

  •          Engineered plywood with phenotic glue to prevent warping and shrinking
  •          Available colourless or primed in one of three colours
  •          Primed to reduce ultra-violet ray damage

Every home has unique insulation needs

New guidelines introduced in Ontario's Building Code in 2016 demand newly-built homes have an R-50 to R-60 insulation value in the attic.

But don't try to bring older homes up to this standard. Did you know that it's possible to over-insulate older homes, which can cause moisture and mould problems?

Canada Mortgage and Housing Association has a series of tip sheets on insulating different styles of homes.  Scroll to the bottom of the information page for unique information on the following types of construction:

Pre-World War II Houses

Post-60s Two-Storey Homes

Split-Level Homes

Split Entry Homes

Mobile Homes

Duplexes and Triplexes

Row Houses

Homes with Walkout Basements

Common Additions

Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction

A Guide to Fixing Your Damp Basement

Check out Johns Manville for home insulation solutions

Johns Manville offers multiple types of insulation to help you seal all the cracks where air may be sneaking in.

  •          Fiberglass – come in bats and rolls for quiet, comfortable energy-efficiency
  •          Spray foam – for hard-to-insulate areas
  •          Foam board sheathing – high-efficiency for walls and roofs
  •          Mineral wool – for density, durability and flame resistance

Check out these tips from JM to help insulate specific areas of the home.

Contact us to order materials or make bookings for spring.

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